About Me

I have been making jewellery for over twenty years. I have also been a high school teacher for over twenty-five. I think what drew me to making jewellery in the beginning, other than the somewhat misguided notion that I would have sooooo much jewellery, was the sense that, unlike in teaching, the resulting products would always be very clear about whether I had been successful or not. Teaching . . . not so much. Making things is often highly meditative. I get lost in the process and it offers a space where some of the other constants of life can take a step back. I have also been honored to create pieces for people to mark special moments, and sometimes hard moments. I make the best things when they are being made for others. They become imbued with the spirit of a greater purpose - no longer just a decorative object. 
The educator in me wants to continue learning and refining my craft. I want my work to demonstrate a continuing exploration of what can be done and how it can be beautiful.